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Varietal: Bourbon

Region: Haro Wachu, Uraga, Guji

Cooperative: Layo Taraga Washing Station 

Elevation: 1850-1900 masl

Process: Washed and sun dried

Tasting Notes: Apricot, meyer lemon, Stone fruit 

Espresso Friendly? Somewhat


Layo Taraga Washing Station was founded in the year 2000, and serves 500 smallholder farms, each of whom owns about 1/2 hectare of land in the area around Haro Wachu town in the Uraga District. According to the washing station manager, this lot is a selection of Bourbon variety coffees.

For the Washed coffees, the cherry is sorted after delivery before being depulped and fermented underwater for 48–72 hours. Then the coffee is washed, and gets another soak that lasts 8–16 hours before being dried on raised beds for 9–12 days, on average. The Special Prep lots have gone through more intensive sorting throughout the process, ensuring that only ripe cherry is selected to start, and then removing any damaged, broken, moldy, or otherwise defective beans by hand for the duration of processing.

-From Cafe Imports

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